About Us

GreatNextFlip is dedicated to investors and real estate agents in the fix-n-flip market for all types of real estate. The intent of this site is to serve as a meeting place, where agents can post listings of properties for sale that are very good candidates to purchase, fix and flip. It is a resource for investors seeking fix-n-flip properties. This site also provides resources to investors and agents to help them in their prospective areas of interest in the fix-n-flip real estate industry.

GreatNextFlip is not a licensed real estate agent. It does not function as a real estate agent. It does not charge a commission on the sale of a property realized through this site. The business model of GreatNextFlip is not to compete with, but rather support and facilitate the business of the real estate investor and real estate agent.

We hope you find this site useful as an investor, real estate agent, or both. Please do consider using the services offered by our sponsors who make this site possible for investors and real estate agents to use free of charge.

Good luck, and happy flipping!


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