Great Next Flip On-the-Fly Profit Estimator

This Calculator is to be used to estimate approximate return on investment based on user-based assumptions. Actual results will vary. If the proposed purchase price relative to the After Repaired Value is 70% or less, the property may be worth pursuing. The user is urged to seek bids for all necessary and cosmetic improvements from qualified contractors and sub-contractors. Verify contractor licenses, bonding, and insurance. Speak with your attorney before signing any contract for services. Nothing herein may be construed as an accurate statement of the results the user may achieve from making an investment in any fix-n-flip real property. This Calculator is for convenience purposes only, in making a quick On-the-Fly estimate of profits. Investors are urged to consult with their tax advisors prior to making any investment in a fix-n-flip property. Great Next Flip makes nor offers any investment advice.

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Investment Estimator

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